The Wild Mile was inspired not only for us to document all the countless miles we’ve explored and the places we experienced, but to also encourage us to do it more often. We hope to spark your inner wanderlust, whether your next trip is a mile away or a thousand. Here you can find insight to plan your next adventure from local day trips to camping excursions. We want to share our experiences in hopes you create a more meaningful adventure of your own.

A portion of our proceeds is donated to various wildlife conservation groups. Thank you and welcome to The Wild MIle!

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IMG_9040Hi, I’m Paul and thank you for stopping by The Wild Mile. Being an INFJ personality type, I truly believe that everyone can find him or herself in nature. I have always felt the desire to explore and try something new, like one time when I ventured off to Sequoia alone. I am always up for trying new things and learning from them. I would call myself a growing adventurist and would love insight on new tips and places to visit.

One of my favorite quotes that I live by is, “Either you run the day or the day runs you,” by Jim Rohn. Everyone has the opportunity to choose what he or she wants to do with their day and make the most of it.

This whole project to share our trips was inspired by my creative girlfriend, Melyssa, from The Nectar Collective. I hope this site encourages you to explore more, as well as share it with us, as we all are wanderers.

Jared-Wide AngleAlways do good and explore more.

My journey began as a young boy, venturing off to places I knew nothing about. Just a 4-year old kid in the land of giants. My father has always been an outdoorsman. Whether I was scouting on his hunting excursions, pitching tents in the Sierras or mountain-biking the rugged terrain of Southern California, his lifestyle greatly influenced my spirit of adventure. Fast forward 22-years, I’ve been fortunate enough to appreciate the aesthetics of Mother-Nature and all that she’s left for us, to be discovered.

I am who I am today from the places I’ve been and the things I have experienced. Traveling has taught me how to be patient and honor the value of integrity. Exploration has opened my mind to soak in life with a positive perspective, whether it’s good or bad. I believe in fate and it’s my responsibility to learn from it. My curiosity allows me to grow, I had to have too many wrongs in life and had to get lost on different routes to finally understand… where I am going.

I am an ENFJ and I live for The Wild Mile.