5 Whys – We Explore.

I want you to ask yourself, what makes you happy? Then ask yourself, why does ‘it’ make you happy? We all find ourselves wanting to experience new things, mainly out of curiosity. Curiosity leads to “Things-to-Do” which leads to goals. I’m sure we’re all goal-oriented. Whether it’s small or big, there’s always something we need to complete for self-satisfaction. This leads to my first why.

1. Getting to the top. Becoming headstrong.

  • Any physical or strenuous activity I begin, there is always a means to an end or a goal. If I’m mountain biking up Santiago Canyon or enduring the heights of Mt. Woodson, you can bet my body is testing my will. As a man, and as egotistical as it may seem, it’s a means for me to prove to myself, that I am capable to do anything. So now every time I’m in an uphill battle, whether it’s a physical or a mentalsituation, I always have flashbacks to those times in my life where I have overcame the odds. So next time you find yourself thinking about giving up, muster up the courage and b e l i e v e you can do it!

2. The Thrill. New experiences.

  • Let’s face it, from You-Tube to the telly, we’re all witnesses to greatness. Active people doing active things. You may truly enjoy your comfortable bed, watching Netflix all day; but you have to admit you have seen something or someplace you’d like to experience. The road-trips, to the places you find, to the rocks you climb, there’s no substitute for experience. Aside from commercial trails and popularexhibits, taking the road less travelled can reward those who are up for something more. Next time you and yours step into Mother’s den, go make your own adventure. Take the opportunity to experience something most people haven’t.

3. Camaraderie. Building Bonds.

  • Share your moments, build relationships. Sometimes, all you need is a breath of fresh air and good company to have fun. There’s no better place to get out of your head and be free when you and yours are one with nature. The talks, the teamwork, the struggle you all  share brings people closer than you’d think. Next time you feelthe urge to go somewhere, be the one to plan it with your family or friends!

4. Work Hard, Hike HarderIncentive from work.

  • We here at The Wild Mile are blessed with amazing occupations. Paul is a Registered Nurse and I’m a Neuropathy Technician. Together, we share a passion for helping others in need. Aside from blogging & exploring, that is our 9 to 5. After a long week of work, it’s more of an incentive to get away and do something spontaneous. We understand the values and rewards given when spent out in the open, so we do our best to fit that in our busy schedules. Whether it’s a day trip, weekend trip, or a vacation, it’s a life-styleworth living. Besides, it’s worth going back to work with stories to tell of our latest ventures!

5. Brief Soul-Traveling. Finding peace.

  • You live, you learn, you conquer. Nature teaches you patience. Shows you how to cooperate with others, it gives you a different experience the city-life never could. IF you’re looking for a different perspective in life & not sure what to do, go hiking. If you’re tired of the same old routine, make your own trail in the woods. Go fishing with your dad or spelunking with your friends. The point is, the great outdoors has so much to offer for everyone. It’s a great way, to find a way. It’s our way to clear our minds & be free. Most importantly, it’s FUN!

Next time you’re out on an adventure, leave your worries at home. Find peace within the trees, the breeze, the sea… overall, your means to do better. Think of and list the 5-Why’s YOU explore, in the comments below.

Safe Travels!

About the Author: Jared S.Jared-Wide Angle

An avid outdoorsman, always on the go. With a handful of hobbies, he collaborates them all through the wild. Follow me through my wildest miles.

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